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第156期  总第5530期  2017年12月19日  星期二
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Hello, I'm Judy, 12 years old, come from Kunshan. I like playing table tennis and reading books. And I'm a Kunqu singer. Now, let me show you.

Listen carefully. The song is very beautiful, it's a story about love. In the day time, I am a normal student. I go to school on time in the morning and study very hard. In class, I have to learn Chinese, Math and English, and also the Computer, Art and Science. Oh, I don't like them. I feel tired.

After school, I will go to the training room to practise singing Kunqu.

Look, this is the place! At the beginning, I have to do some body exercises. It's so hard, and it hurts so much. Then, I will practice singing, it's very important for our singers.

Well, what about boys, they will do a lot of body trainings. Look at their legs. So strong! Of course, it hurts much at the beginning. But he's cool, isn't he? Class begins we will learn Kunqu from our teachers. Kunqu is very hard, we have to practice more every day. I love singing Kunqu, I think it's so beautiful. So I don't think it's hard.

Look! She is our teacher, Miss Zhang, she looks nice. And she sings Kunqu beautifully. She is so strict with us. She always asks us to sing hard. Sometimes I don't sing well, she will blame me. At that time, I'm so sad! But then, I will work harder. Thank you.



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